International Students

The Intensive International LL.M. and the Certificate programs are addressed to graduates of law, political science, European studies and other related topics.

International Students

Visa for International Participants

You will need a visa/entry clearance if you are a national of a country requiring a visa to visit Greece. Please refer to the link below, for all necessary information. We will be happy to assist you in case you face any difficulties in obtaining information:

To assist with the visa application process, the EPLO – as an International Organization – will provide a Visa Support Letter, once the admission procedure has been completed. The Visa Support Letter will contain the following information:
– Full name and date of birth of the person
– Passport number, date of issue and date of expiry
– The start and finish dates of the School

The Visa Support Letter will be sent to you by email once the payment and the whole admission procedure is completed.
We can also arrange for the original letter to be sent to you by courier (at a charge of 25 €). Please check with the Greek Embassy in your country if you need to provide the original letter or if an emailed copy is sufficient. If you do require the courier service, please mark the relevant area on the application form. It is important to note that, depending on the country, visa procedures can take up to 20-25 working days (3-4 weeks).