EPLO premises

Students attend courses both at the EPLO premises at in the center of Athens and at Sounion which is a suburb located by the sea and very close to home of the famous Poseidon Temple

EPLO premises

3 weeks -3 Greek sites to visit!

The next Academy study sessions will take place at the premises of EPLO in Athens and Sounion.

The EPLO premises in Athens

The EPLO Headquarters in the heart of Athens consists of a three floor neoclassical building with a small-scale conference room with a capacity of 130 people, where conferences, lectures, seminars and workshops take place.
It is located in one of the most prestigious and pristine residential areas of Athens, in Kolonaki, just steps away from the business, shopping, vibrant entertainment and nightlife sites of Athens. The Headquarters is easily accessible from the Airport by bus, train and taxi within 40 minutes.
Athens,is the capital and largest city of Greece, as well as one of the world’s oldest cities, birthplace of democracy and home to the Acropolis where the Parthenon is located. Athens is also home to the Ancient Agora, the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, several archaeological museums, including the famous Acropolis Museum, the National Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Cycladic Art, the Benaki Museum and the Byzantine and Christian Museum Athens.A vibrant City, also known for its shopping, restaurants and nightlife.

The EPLO premises in Sounion

The Sounion premises is situated close to the bay of Cape Sounion, where the ancient Temple of Poseidon resides, overlooking the Aegean Sea. The EPLO premises in Sounion, that host the Academy during week 2 and half of week 3, are nestled amidst a landscape of unparalleled environmental and cultural beauty. The premises were designed with the aim of having a working environment that promotes study and research activities, as well as an environmentally conscious and healthy lifestyle among the EPLO employees and its visitors.
This is an ideal location for intensive study programs especially during the summer months offering to students a unique learning and leisure experience.

Sounion facilities include:

• A large-scale conference room with a capacity of 500 people
• Four (4) seminar rooms with a capacity of seventy (70) people each

The EPLO Library

More than 120 books on public law, and more than 80 issues of its quarterly multilingual journal, the European Review of Public Law, have been published under the scientific and editorial direction of the EPLO, while its library, the European Public Law Library, hosted at the premises in Sounion and exceeding 30.000 volumes, is linked to the top digital libraries in the world.

Leisure Activities

Students can spend their free time practicing their favorite sports at the campus’ facilities, by swimming and participating in water sports at the many nearby beaches and coves, engaging in outdoor activities such as bike riding or running, and spending time with friends on nights and weekends at the nearby town of Lavrio.

The Campus is located at the seaside, only steps away from the Aegean Sea with an outdoor open theater and a garden of 30.000 square meters. It is only 4 km away from the ancient Temple of Poseidon in Cape Sounion.

EPLO Sports Facilities include:

• A Basketball Court
• A Tennis Court
• A Volleyball Court

Extra Curricular Activities

A range of optional extra-curricular activities for the body and mind, providing you with the opportunity to explore the Greek nature and culture, are made available through our Student Affairs department. All activities are subject to attendance and prior notice is required. For more information please download our brochure and/or contact the Student Affairs Officer.

Access to the EPLO premises

• The EPLO Headquarters is located in the city center of Athens, in the area of Kolonaki, a short walk from Syntagma and Evagelismos metro stations.
• The EPLO premises in Sounion is located 64 km away from Athens city center (an hour away by car), and 35 km away from Athens International Airport (half an hour away by car).

Public Transport

• You can reach the Sounion premises with public transportation by taking the KTEL ATTIKIS bus line with direction to Sounion from the center of Athens (Filellinon Street, Syntagma Square). This bus is usually orange and SOUNIO-ΣΟΥΝΙΟ is indicated on it. Ask the bus driver to make a stop at “Legraina”.
• The bus from Athens leaves on an hourly basis during the the summer from 07.30 to 20.00 (07.30/08.30…18.30/19.30/20.00).
For more information you may contact the KTEL customer service at (+30)2108808080 – www.ktelattikis.gr.